This Day in History – 1st May

1st XI









S Hussain 24, H Shah 38, J Watling 3-23




J Watling 36*, R Olbison 59, A Minnett 3-42












C Arendarcikas 135, N Roberts 50*




A Olbison 4-29










Hopton M:


D Townend 25, R Payne 51, A Stott 56, N Wasim 55




J Steel 85, M Kent 42, A Stott 4-42, N Wasim 3-33












M Kent 30, G Colledge 5-46, J Hawksworth 3-100




J Land 48, G Handley 25












J Steel 49, G Raw 27, J Moyles 27, M Mellor 28,

R Smith 5-49




M Lumb 20, T Griffiths 60, G Woollard 58












D McGuire 32, P Garner 22, A Westerman 22,

G Raw 34, G Curtis 53, M Fletcher 4-64




F Dobson 60, A Wisdom 26, E Harris 6-48












Rod Langstaff 55, W Stocks 5-22




D Wharton 31, G Raw 21















2nd XI









C Hall 89, James Gahan 3-49, A Jamshed 4-25




M Kent 61 rh, J Dyson 74*












D Atkinson 47, J Long 57, G Day 29




R Goldsmith 32, I Lay 27, S Guest 56*,

D Atkinson 5-47












Forfeit – Unable to raise a team due to Leeds Rhinos RL Cup Final












A Walker 35, I Pearson 25, A Lumb 3-14




A Lumb 52*, J Ingham 49*












C Stirk 20, T Green 26, S Dobson 20, P Dyson 3-35,

J Bowden 4-11




R Brady 34*, D Greaves 28*












N Gabriel 20, G Clift 21, R Hague 21, C Benson 4-9




D Fletcher 4-18















Just two weeks into the season, congratulations go out to James Watling and IstXI skipper Zahid Tarvaz for passing the 300 wicket mark for East Leeds CC; the 16th and 17th players to do so.

James achieved the milestone on week 1 at Windhill with  4 cheap wickts and followed up with 5-27 last weekend, (his 15th 5 wicket haul) in the excellent home win against Altofts. James's best performance came in 2017 with figures of 6-38 at Gildersome. Given the fact that James was well into his 20s before regular bowling opportunities came his way, this is a splendid effort worthy of his role model, Gary Dawber.

Like James, Zahid is a product of the East Leeds junior set-up but has spent a number of years away from the club; his 300th wicket came last week; he has taken 5 or more wickets in an innings on 11 occasions; his best figures are an enviable 8-70 in 2004 for the 2ndXI versus Hopton Mills, a match in which he took his first four wickets bowling pace before returning to claim the remainder with sharp turning off-breaks, (take note Jimmy) due to failing light.

Well done both!

Dear All,

After an association dating back 40 years, our highly regarded Chairman, Dennis Nicholson has decided to call time on his tenure as a member of the committee.

Whilst having no great interest in cricket, Dennis became involved as a social member in the early 1980s through his wife's family; Carole's father Les acted as steward for a number years with his wife, Mary in support.

It wasn't long before Dennis joined the Committee and became the architect of all things social, from quizzes, race nights, discos to bingo, trips to the racing and karaoke, Dennis has always been at the heart of the action. For the last twelve years, Dennis has undertaken the role of Chairman, but it's fair to say that his contribution to the everyday running of the club goes far beyond what most club chairs achieve.

It is, therefore with sadness that we see Dennis withdraw from the fray although he and Carole remain members and will always be welcome at Pontefract Lane.

I should like to put on record, on behalf of the Committee, friends and members our gratitude to both Dennis and Carole for their unstinting work over the last 40 years.

With the support of the Committee, I have assumed the role of Acting Chairman pending this year's AGM at which club officers will be elected.

I am delighted to announce that Stuart Dyson has returned to the Committee alongside his daughter, Sarah Goodall; welcome to both.

Should any members be interested in joining the Committee, please call me on 07814 008095 for an informal chat.


John Steel

Chairman (Acting) 

Following the interest shown in TDIH last year with in excess of 3,000 hits, there are obviously people out there who are as sad as me and asking for more....

The dates on which Saturdays fall this year match the years 2010, 2004, 1999, 1993, 1982, 1976, 1971 and 1965 - so from Wardman through Wharton to Watling, there's something for everyone.





East Leeds CC – Pontefract Lane, Leeds LS9 0PT


What are the hazards?

Transmission of COVID-19

Who might be harmed?

Facility users, staff, volunteers, visitors and the wider community


Controls required

Action Taken by the Club

People Management and Communication


Self-screening of individuals before they arrive at the venue to ensure individuals displaying COVID-19 symptoms or those who should be shielding do not travel or attend.

Appropriate messaging posted on club website and social media channels as well as entrances to club buildings. QR Code in place for NHS Track and Trace.


An assessment of user numbers, space capacities, venue circulation and layout planning to maintain social distancing.

Dressing rooms will remain closed until further notice.

Toilets are accessible in the main club house, (no spikes to be worn) and a one-way system in and out is sign-posted.

The bar will remain closed until further notice.


A plan for where parents and players will sit whilst watching cricket activities.

No spectators are permitted until further notice.


Signage and communication so that all participants and visitors are aware of the control measures in place and how to act appropriately to minimise the risk of transmission of COVID-19.

Appropriate material in place at points of access.


Staff and volunteer training to support the implementation of the plan, with suitable training records.

Bob Grimley is the designated person for all home matches and will be responsible for ensuring that COVID-19 protocols are in place and adhered to.




Assess ventilation in your building (natural and mechanical) and take appropriate measures to maximise ventilation and minimise risk of transmission.

During club openings, conservatory outer and inner doors must be left open as well as the window to the rear of the club lounge.


Assess the maximum occupancy of your rooms at 2m social distancing (or 1m with risk mitigation where 2m is not possible) and establish a suitable circulation system/one-way system.  Use signage and floor markings to communicate this.

One way system for use of toilets is sign-posted.


Assess the arrangement of seating areas to maintain social distancing and minimise the risk of transmission.

No spectators are permitted until further notice. Scorers will occupy socially distanced positions on the veranda.


Consider your wet weather plans and describe what actions you will take to maintain social distancing in wet weather.

There is limited external / under-cover shelter available. Conservatory may be used by match officials and captains only to maintain social distancing. Other players should return to their vehicles pending update.


Social and Hospitality Areas


Plan to solicit and maintain records of your member attendance, customers and visitors - to be maintained for 21 days and then destroyed.

QR Code or signing in book to be used by all visitors.

NB – Physical records must be destroyed securely after 30 days from visit.


Identification of suitable areas for outdoor service that don’t overlap with cricket activity.



Steps taken to minimise time and the number of people at the bar.

Bar remains closed at present. Initial maximum occupancy of 2 persons with social distancing in place.


Steps taken to minimise contact points at payment or around the hospitality space.



Suitable PPE provision and training for staff and volunteers.


In place.


Strategy for the safe serving, clearing and cleaning of glassware and tableware.

Appropriate PPE for staff and volunteers.


Deep cleaning strategy to minimise COVID-19 transmission risk


Surface clean to be undertaken after each club opening – deep clean requirements to be assessed by club Committee.


Daily cleaning strategy to minimise COVID-19 transmission risk.


As above – club will only open for matches and weekly training at this stage.


High-frequency touchpoint cleaning strategy to minimise COVID-19 transmission risk and how you will keep records.

Designated person (Bob Grimley) will be responsible for facilitating hourly wipe-down of toilet door handles and seats.


Hygiene and Cleaning


Materials, PPE and training that you have provided to your staff for effective cleaning.

Stored in Cleaner’s cupboard.


Provision of hand washing facilities with warm water, soap, disposable towels and bin.

In toilets.


Provision of suitable hand sanitiser in locations around the facility to maintain frequent hand sanitisation.

Available at all access points, bar and toilets.


Provision of suitable wipes and hand sanitiser on the field for hygiene breaks.

On table outside garage.




What are the hazards?

Other venue hazards to be considered after temporary closure such as Legionnaire’s Disease, fire, electrical safety etc.


Who might be harmed?

Facility users, staff, volunteers and visitors.


Controls required

Action Taken by the Club

Preparing Your Buildings


Consider the risk of Legionnaire’s disease and carry out necessary work to make your water supply safe for users.  Refer to the specific guidance in the document above.

Prior to first opening, taps will be opened to flush system.


Check that routine maintenance has not been missed and certification is up to date (e.g. Gas safety, Electrical Safety and Portable Appliance Testing, Fire Safety, Lifts and Heating – Ventilation and Air Conditioning).

Electrical and Gas inspections up to date – fire extinguisher test revealed a number of failures ; replacement units will be in place prior to first match.


Check that your ground is ready and safe to play.  Look at what work is required and how this can be done safely at a social distance.

Substantial work has been undertaken to prepare the ground for the coming season.



What are the hazards?

Vital first aid equipment is not available when needed.  First aiders do not have adequate PPE to carry out first aid when required.


Who might be harmed?

First aiders, facility users, staff, volunteers and visitors


Controls required

Action Taken by the Club

First Aid


Check that your first aid kits are stocked and accessible during all activity. 

First aid kits will be checked and stored:

1.     Behind the bar, (Designated person has access).

2.     On match-day hygiene / sanitizing table outside garage.


What steps have you taken to improve your first aiders’ understanding of first aid provision under COVID-19?

Encouraged awareness of Government advice.


If you have an AED then check that it is in working order, service is up to date and that it is available during all activity.

In place and fixed to the south side external wall to Wheels Private Hire



What are the hazards?

Pitches or outfield are unsafe to play on


Who might be harmed?

Players, officials, ground staff


Controls required

Action Taken by the Club

Preparing your Grounds


Safety checks on machinery, sightscreens and covers.

Undertaken prior to each match.


Check and repair of any damage to pitches and outfields.

As above.


Surfaces checked and watering regime adjusted based on lack of rainfall.

In accordance with groundsman’s advice.



East Leeds CC

15th April 2021


This document should be updated each month.