Important Announcement

Rumours have been circulating recently to the effect that the club is about to go bust.

It is unclear as to where these rumours originate, but like any rumour, it grows in currency

for each retelling of what is a completely inaccurate tale.

East Leeds Cricket & Social Club Is Financially Secure

It is true to say that income has fallen over the last year, however the club has ample cash

reserves and is in the process of renewing the lease with our valued tenant, Wheels Private Hire

which will secure our position for many years to come.

How Can You Help?

Firstly, please pass this message to anyone who is connected with the club.

Secondly, please support your club; we have excellent facilities, comfortable club rooms, Sky Sports

and keenly priced drinks.

Indoor nets are underway at Headingley each Wednesday at 7pm; come down and hone your skills!

Bring your friends – the club’s membership in recent years has fallen whilst the population of Leeds

Continues to grow. When planning a party or get together for family, friends or work colleague, consider

your club as a venue; our newly refurbished kitchen provides all the facilities you would need to

cater on-site.

Bring your fundraising ideas to the Committee; regular functions can make a huge difference to

our income.

Should you have any queries about any of the above, please contact a member of your committee.

Thank-you for your support.

East Leeds Cricket & Social Club

14th March 2019



Come along and support this very deserving charity, or if you are unable to attend and wish to donate log on to their website shown on the flyer above.

League rules for 2019

Dear Colleagues

As agreed at the Annual General Meeting in November the Management Board have taken responsibility for overhauling the Leagues Rules. Many hours have gone into the process with the aim of providing greater clarity and transparency.

The review of the rules has taken into account issues which arose during the 2018 season and has attempted to address them. This is the first time for many years that the rules have been looked at in their entirety.

Both the content and the order in which the rules are presented have been looked at in a bid to make them easier to understand and to follow.

Here is a summary of some of the main changes which come into force on February 1, 2019.

Player eligibility was an issue which led to many queries last season, particularly with regard to the last four games of the second team season.

The new Rule 19 specifies that any player who has played 10 or more first team league games by August 23rd, will be ineligible to play in the final four second team games of the season and no exceptions will be made.

It has been apparent in recent seasons that a number of first team players have transferred out of the league when they have found it difficult to settle at a club. To try and combat this we are introducing a new transfer category which will allow players to move between Bradford Premier League clubs and play first team cricket.

Under the Special Category, clubs can only sign a maximum of two players who have played first team cricket in the Bradford Premier League between April 27 and May 30, 2019. Special Category transfers end at 9pm on May 30th and no club can lose more than two players on a Special Category transfer.

The forfeiting of league matches will now see the offending club suffer a 20-point deduction for each of their teams while their opponents will receive the full 20 points (10 match points, 5 batting and 5 bowling points).

The Rule regarding ineligible players has been tightened up. Any team playing an ineligible player will have all the points they earned from the game removed and will have 10 points deducted for each ineligible player. In all cases, the opponents of a team playing an ineligible player will receive the maximum 20 points (10 match points, 5 batting and 5 bowling points).

To assist clubs to field full teams, a second category of Over 50s has been added to the Loan Player Rule.

Disciplinary procedure, Child Protection, Regulations for Junior cricketers in Open Age cricket and the league’s Privacy Policy have now been included within the rules rather than being presented as separate entities.

All Clubs (not just those with Junior Sections) must appoint a Club Welfare Officer (CWO), who must have a current Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) clearance (formerly known as Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) check) through the ECB. Clearances through other sports or teaching, for example, are not valid for cricket. CWOs also need to attend two three-hour courses “Safe Hands Workshop for Club Welfare Officers” (formerly Time to Listen), and “Safeguarding & Protecting Children”. This is relevant to all clubs, even those who do not have an organised Junior Section; because they are likely to have players aged Under 18 in their teams and will play against juniors from other Clubs.

There is now greater detail of the procedures and range of punishments that are applied when there is a breach of league rules. The process for making a protest plus the conduct of hearings and appeals is provided in detail.

The Management Board is determined to uphold high standards of conduct and behaviour by players and clubs. The introduction of Rule 46 for Disrepute details the range of powers the league has for dealing with serious offences.

It is also important to celebrate success and the Annual Dinner is an opportunity to do that. The Management Board now requires all clubs to show their commitment to this important event on the league calendar, which this year is to be held in the new Banqueting Suite at Emerald Headingley on Friday November 15th and has increased the number of tickets each club must purchase from 4 to 5.


David Young

Summary of League Rule changes for 2019 Season

RULE 1: New first paragraph
RULE 2: Replace Development Officer with Communications & Data Officer
RULE 4: New first paragraph clarifying how an EGM can be called
RULE 6: New wording explaining how the alteration to rules will be conducted.
RULE 8: Clarification of punishments for late payment of annual subs or fines
RULE 12: Change of deadlines for Compliance for Premier Division clubs.
RULE 14: Change to points awarded for opposition when team forfeits a game
RULE 15: Clarification of assistance to team representing league in ECB T20
RULE 17A: Change to the punishment for playing ineligible players and points awarded to non-offending team.
RULE 18: Introduction of new Special Category of transfer enabling players to play first team cricket
RULE 19: Change to player eligibility for last four second team games.
RULE 20: Introduction of over 50 category in loan arrangements.
RULE 21: Confirmation of the last date on which an Overseas player can be signed.
RULE 32: Change from three hours to two hours for a cancellation.
RULE 33: The rule for late starts has been revised with 30 minutes replaced by 45 before an abandonment takes place for insufficient players.

RULE34: Over rates. Removal of league points penalty and replacing with MCC Laws of Cricket 41.9 and 41.10 which include 5 run penalties for timewasting.
RULE 35: Addition of paragraph regarding the tea rule during Ramadan.
RULE 38: Clarification of the punishment for not supplying a scorer.
RULE 40: Updated regulations for Junior players
RULE 41: Regulations regarding Child Protection.
RULE 42: Procedures outlined for umpiring matches.
RULE 44: The Anti Racism statement has been expanded.
RULE 45: Disciplinary procedures explained plus new conduct statement outlining responsibilities.
RULE 46: New rule on Disrepute outlining how the league will deal with serious offences.
RULE 47: New rule detailing how breaches of league rules will be handled, the procedures for hearing and appeals, plus punishment limits.
RULE 51: The clothing rule has been expanded to included the banning of shorts.
RULE 55: Change to the number of dinner tickets each club must buy from four to five.
RULE 56: Change to Honorary Life Member rule removing automatic right to attend board meetings.                                                                                                                           
RULE 57: New rule covering Privacy.

FOR FULL DETAILS OF LEAGUE RULES GO TO THE LEAGUE WEBSITE      Look under administration-league rules 2019




Congratulations to former tea-lady Sybil Steel who celebrates her 90th birthday today (January 8th)

Sybil,whose involvement in East Leeds dates back to her late husband Denis joining the club in1955, can still be seen at the club on summer Saturdays to keep her eye on her "little boy" John, (55)

Sybil, in company with Marion Rich provided teas to home and visiting teams for over 20 years during which time a successful legal case was never brought against them. Never a pair to waste ingredients, their egg (and shell), salmon (and bone) and sprayed on potted meat sandwiches were endured by generations. However the counterpoint of their delicious home baking was very much appreciated.

I'm old enough to have sampled the delicious (??) fare offered for players teas. I can testify, having been chased by a lady brandishing a cricket bat, that nobody dared complain !!

                       HAPPY BIRTHDAY SYBIL