Dear Captains

At our mid-season meeting the following issues were discussed. We realise it was difficult for all Captains to be present but as we value your thoughts we would appreciate your input as to how we move the game forward, what needs changing and what doesn’t.


Comments from the meeting

Your thoughts

Rain affected games – reduce/remove the 30 mins allowed before overs are lost

Yes – at least reduce to 15 minutes

Remove the 30 minutes


Introduce DLS in Champ Two and Conference divisions – consider whether this can be applied before the current 20 over point

Yes to both



Clubs willing to provide at least 2 scorers to attend training for DLS during the Winter ?


Umpires – Each Club to nominate 1 person to become a Panel Umpire

Nominated person not allowed to umpire either his own club teams or in the same division

Incentives or Penalties regarding providing an umpire ?


Ability to transfer between clubs during the season

Yes should be allowed for 1st team players

Firmly against

Any transfer should be allowed to play first team cricket


T20 competition

Increase the qualifying rounds by 1 extra game

Current structure much better than instant knockout


Slow over rates

That the 3.10 should be enforced and penalties imposed when not met.


Overseas Professionals

Leave as is – if its not broken don’t change it

Allow replacement overseas if situation of injury/other loss of player


Game start times – earlier starts.

A real divide:

Yes we are for that/ earlier finishes

Definitely not – players work/ groundsmen need time


Reduce length of second team games – suggested 40 overs

Mixed opinion from leave as it is to yes reduce.

Further suggestion if reduced to 40 start 30 mins later.


Fixed Price for Teas

£40 per week from the away team on arrival (except during Ramadan)



Incentive or Penalties ?


Any other issues you would wish us to consider





Please take a little time to consider the issues discussed at that meeting and let us have your thoughts. By all means discuss these issues with your team mates and club officials before replying.

Thank you for your assistance – it is appreciated.


Mark Heald

Chief Executive Officer

Bradford Premier Cricket League