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Summary of League Rules Update 2019

Summary of League Rule changes for 2019 Season

RULE 1: New first paragraph
RULE 2: Replace Development Officer with Communications & Data Officer
RULE 4: New first paragraph clarifying how an EGM can be called
RULE 6: New wording explaining how the alteration to rules will be conducted.
RULE 8: Clarification of punishments for late payment of annual subs or fines
RULE 12: Change of deadlines for Compliance for Premier Division clubs.
RULE 14: Change to points awarded for opposition when team forfeits a game
RULE 15: Clarification of assistance to team representing league in ECB T20
RULE 17A: Change to the punishment for playing ineligible players and points awarded to non-offending team.
RULE 18: Introduction of new Special Category of transfer enabling players to play first team cricket
RULE 19: Change to player eligibility for last four second team games.
RULE 20: Introduction of over 50 category in loan arrangements.
RULE 21: Confirmation of the last date on which an Overseas player can be signed.
RULE 32: Change from three hours to two hours for a cancellation.
RULE 33: The rule for late starts has been revised with 30 minutes replaced by 45 before an abandonment takes place for insufficient players.

RULE34: Over rates. Removal of league points penalty and replacing with MCC Laws of Cricket 41.9 and 41.10 which include 5 run penalties for timewasting.
RULE 35: Addition of paragraph regarding the tea rule during Ramadan.
RULE 38: Clarification of the punishment for not supplying a scorer.
RULE 40: Updated regulations for Junior players
RULE 41: Regulations regarding Child Protection.
RULE 42: Procedures outlined for umpiring matches.
RULE 44: The Anti Racism statement has been expanded.
RULE 45: Disciplinary procedures explained plus new conduct statement outlining responsibilities.
RULE 46: New rule on Disrepute outlining how the league will deal with serious offences.
RULE 47: New rule detailing how breaches of league rules will be handled, the procedures for hearing and appeals, plus punishment limits.
RULE 51: The clothing rule has been expanded to included the banning of shorts.
RULE 55: Change to the number of dinner tickets each club must buy from four to five.
RULE 56: Change to Honorary Life Member rule removing automatic right to attend board meetings.                                                                                                                           
RULE 57: New rule covering Privacy.

FOR FULL DETAILS OF LEAGUE RULES GO TO THE LEAGUE WEBSITE      Look under administration-league rules 2019